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Below our Hints and Tips section. Reward yourself with a complimentary folding ruler, if you can come up with a new tip or hint. For every new hint or tip received from you that we publish on this site we will send you a folding ruler absolutely free of charge, as a little thank you. Use our contact form to send your tip. Please mention on the form if you have any image illustrations, so we can reply with our email address.

How do I use the folding ruler to measure angles?

Measuring angles is easy. Use the first and second ruler element to fold around the object. And use the angle degree marking on the third and fourth element to measure. See illustration below.
Once you have used the first and second element to mold around the object, make sure that you do not move them. Now adjust the angle of second and third element so you are able to read the correct angle of the first and second element on the angle marking scale as illustrated. Make sure that the hinge between third and fourth element are locked in place. In this example, the angle we measured is 73 degree.
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